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Files Allowed

ShareFast allows a wide variety of files to be uploaded, including PNG, JPG, GIF, ZIP, MP4, DOC, TXT, etc. That's only to name a few; full list coming soon.

Max Filesize

Our max file size is set to 50 MB, which we think is a fair limit. This ensures that your own content can be shared, while other shady content can't.


Favorites allow ShareFast users to favorite any files that they like, and view them at a later time. This also lets users know if their content is liked.


Have a code snippet that you want to share? or maybe a juicy rumor? With our paste feature, it's very easy! Simply paste it, then submit it for everyone (or not) to see.


Here at ShareFast we believe that statistics are vital when sharing your content. That's why we allow you to see how many people have viewed and/or favorited your files.


Another feature that we find vital is the ability to edit and/or delete your own files. However, you must have an account to do this.